Hattiesburg – Area Accommodations


Hotel – Motel & Bed & Breakfast Info:

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**Small Local Motel approximately 4 miles from venue. (limited space)

Camping Info:   

ON SITE “Dry” CAMPING  (venue parking lot) — available for the 1st * 10 * requests.  (No Water-No Electricity-No Sewer-No outdoor toilet facilities available during the night) contact Janice Edmiston to reserve a space       janise@edmiston.org 

A list will be made and will be activated when we receive your registration and Festival Fee.


**Small Local RV park located behind the Wagon Wheel Motel…approximately 4 miles from venue

Forrest Co. Multi-Purpose Complex

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Location — HWY 49 ** 10 miles from venue

Additional Camping Info: 

Shady  Grove RV Park

7836 US Hwy 49 N – Hattiesburg   (Approximately 16 miles)

Paul B. Johnson State Park

Location — Paul B. Johnson State Park is located off of U.S. Hwy 49 south of Hattiesburg.   (Approximately 21 miles)

Johnson State Park provides a more serene setting for camping.

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